The Road Ahead Straight Out of Satan’s Casino.

Hello Everyone,


  I have something to share with you that our group discovered during Bible study.  Previously, we talked about how much fear the religious and secular authorities had about being exposed for their sinful natures in front of others, This week, we discussed Jesus’ parable about the vine and the branches and about the difference between the Law and Jesus’ Salvation and if the Law is even necessary in light of Jesus’ Salvation.  The answer was found to be that not only is the Law important, but also necessary as the Law shows us how sinful we are and pushes us closer to Jesus, who in turn not only grants us Mercy and Salvation by God’s Grace, but also the Holy Spirit to mentor us on living God-centered and not flesh-centered lives which includes obedience to God’s Law, which was something we could never do on our own. 

I began to think about the state of the economy and how everything is run like a casino.  We love to gamble as humans and Satan is very much aware of our love for it.  Even when Jesus was going to be crucified, guards were gambling His clothes away even though He is our Messiah!  I don’t know if you’ve been to Atlantic City, NJ, but if you take a tour bus there it will take you through the actual residential area outside of the casinos and the last time I saw it, it was virtually a ghetto.  It looks like everyone is not enjoying wealth and prosperity over there.


However, use Atlantic City, NJ as a microcosm for our economy today and it becomes clear.  We not only practice gambling in recreation, but in our financial institutions also. We have taken so many risks that it’s amazing that we haven’t lost everything…yet.  However, like anyone knows, casinos don’t just take your money immediately.  They let you win a few games to build up your excitement so that you feel like a winner!  Today, most people who are successful don’t say they are successful, they say “I’m a winner!”  Exactly and now you are a sucker.  After a few wins, most people begin to take bigger risks to win even more money, because after all, what’s better than being a winner?  MORE MONEY OBVIOUSLY!

However, the losses begin to mount, but not rapidly, because you start to win some and you start to lose some, but that’s life right?  So, now you continue hoping to revive your winning streak not realizing that it, much like Elvis, has left that building.  You continue to take bigger risks until you either lose all the money you previously won or have less money that what you had started with.

And that seems to be the general direction the economy is actually heading.  Our economy is like a gigantic casino owned by Satan and ran by his cronies and we humans are constantly pinning our hopes on being winners like them, but that’s not going to actually happen.  Jesus is like the homeless guy out side the casino, who keeps being removed by “security” Who is stretching forth His Hand to remove us from Satan’s Casino and to call others out as well.  His Kingdom will soon take over from Satan’s Casino, but for now He is still reaching out to those who desperately want Him.

If you’ve seen most game shows on TV, especially Deal or No Deal where you’re usually at the mercy of a faceless banker, then you have seen contestants on winning streaks mostly take unnecessary risks and lose everything when they could’ve have walked away with their present winnings while being content with what they had.  This is why proof of future economic struggle becomes clearer.  It seems that the next roll of the die that America makes will probably be it’s last.

Last week, I had been struggling with a major decision for my life.  I applied to three important jobs over the course of last month. I’m not sure which job God intends for me to take.  However, I’m praying about it and I’m also praying that I can attend New York’s Comic Book Convention and the Social Media Convention this October and July as I’m trying to expand my circle of friends.  Please pray for God to lead me to the right path for my uncertain life road straight ahead.



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