Retro-Game Mania.

Ah, it’s good to be back on a writing platform again.  Being able to express my thoughts to an audience that may or may not care what I have to say.  However, I am a storyteller and I am going to tell stories any way whether anyone likes it or not.  Today, I am going to make another confession.  I LOVE retro-games!  Now the retro-games I love the most are the ones from the late 80’s to the early 2000’s.  What joy they brought me as a kid and even now as an adult.  What’s that?  Playing video games is immature you say?  Well, tough luck, because I love them.   I still have my NES, SNES, N64, Game Gear, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance w/ light.  What can I say?  I’m a Nintendo kid.  However, I did play the Sega Genesis and first Playstation when I used to visit my friends’ houses and what an awesome time we used to have.  During the 90’s, I would bond with my friends by playing those awesome games, especially the fighting games.  Who could forget classics like Super Mario Bros World, Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters, Joe and Mac, and my personal favorite, Mega Man X?  When I look back on those days, they were among the best days of my life.  Soon, my friends would move away and we would have to move on into the real world, which can really suck by the way.  But man, those moments will always be for me a source of joy.  That my friends is the beauty of these games for me, nostalgia.

I had believed these games to be long forgotten and buried in my basement (as most kids had) as newer consoles came out and I could not afford the space to keep anymore after the N64.  So, I had to be content with what I had, even though some of my friends would gladly flaunt their newer game systems.  However, I am still playing these games today, and they still stand out even by today’s standards!  While watching YouTube (let’s face it, I’m addicted to YouTube), I’ve noticed tons of gaming channels cropping up and all the games I used to play are being given a spotlight.  From channels such as Game Grumps to Game Theorists (I’m a proud subscriber of both!), these games have been resurrected and their influence has crossed mediums from their consoles to the Internet.  Some people may say it is due to the rise in popularity that some channels like PewdiePie have recently gained, but it’s not like that for most of the gaming channels I have seen and not all of them are walk-throughs (where the player shows himself playing the game on camera).  For example, Game Grumps presents gaming humor, Gaijin Goomba presents cultural analysis of games, and Epic Game Music performs well, music found in games.

With channels like these, games like the ones I’ve played and still play today are reborn as music videos, parodies, and animations.  Personally, I’m glad to see that other people beside myself remember how wonderful it was to first unwrap those games on Christmas day and play till the wee hours of the night.  They brought us so much enjoyment that their sentimental value is through the roof.  THIS is why I am a huge subscriber to gaming channels.  When I see a game that I used to play being talked about, parodied, or even just played by another person, I can’t help but watch and remember the good times I had with my friends playing those games.  In a way, it helped bring us together as kids, no matter what our social, economic, or racial backgrounds were.  So in a sense, it’s more than just the game I miss, it’s the childhood friends and the good times we used to have that I really miss.  Most of my childhood friends moved away and are now all over.  Even the ones from college are busy working just like me, trying to make an honest living in the world today.  However, I wish I could regroup all my old friends for one huge gaming shindig.  That would be awesome!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the appeal to watching and doing one’s own gaming channel.  Gaming is not only a passion, it is, in a sense, a time machine.  With it, we recall our happiest moments playing games and bonding with our friends and seek that same joy.  So, even to this day, we can sit down with our friends after working so hard and enjoy trying to overcome incredible obstacles with the help of our friends and learning more about each other as individuals.  That’s why I believe so many gaming channels have not only appeared, but are gaining popularity on YouTube.  I am currently thinking of doing something that includes gaming on my channel and I pray that my friends and I can inspire others through my YouTube channel.  But, hey, that’s just a theory a… wait, sorry I was watching a MatPat Gaming Theory video while writing this.  What I mean to say is I see everyone in the next post.


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