How It All Got Started.

Hello Everyone,

As I mentioned in my profile, I am a college student working on a thesis film and it is about public access television.  I will be writing a blog dedicated to public access television soon, but it was important to share with all of you the assignment that inspired this thesis.  It all started in my second semester editing class and I decided to shoot a film and apply my new editing skills to the film with each new piece of footage I shot.  I decided to film an extremely talented public access producer in Queens by name of Bob Thompson, who hosts the show Drinking With Bob.  Bob, however is only one access producer out of many and it should be noted that public access television does not just allow people to express their views or concerns over the air, but can also allow individuals and/or organizations a voice to serve the community that they would not otherwise find in the mainstream media.  Public access television is about bringing community members together to actively participate and interact with one another while providing a local or different voice that is not present in the mainstream media.  Here is a link to the short film that inspired my thesis:

Here are links to other works done by my friends in that same class:

Jefferson-Moran Morales:

Mark Rattelle:

Jonathan Napolitano:

Here is the webpage with all of these films and more:

I also appeared on a fellow public access producer’s show to talk about my film, public access television, and much more.  This producer is named Harold Channer and the name of his show is Conversations With Channer.  I must make it clear, I made a mistake when I said Guyana was ruled by the British, the French, and the Dutch.  The French and the Dutch did not rule Guyana, but constructed many useful buildings for the country.  The British, however, were the only ones to rule Guyana.  It should be noted that British, French, and Dutch Guyana are separate countries.  Here is a link to his interview with me:


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