Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives Promos.

Hello Everyone,

My friend and I just completed two special episodes of a series we are working on called Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives.  My friend directed and produced it and I co-produced it.  Here is a link to our promo of the first episode:

Here is a link to a promo for the second episode:

Here is an interview we did about the two specials with Dr. Bob Lee on a public access show by the name of OPEN that aired in the Bronx on BronxNet which also aired the two specials:

We have already aired it on most of the public access television stations in New York City and we are sending out copies to different states such as Chicago.  The main subjects of the first episode are Ray and Romeo who are both blind activists with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB).  This episode covers the issues that are most pressing for the blind community and how they advocate to resolve these issues.  The main subject of the second episode is Father Patrick Martin, who is a blind missionary priest and is about how faith can be used to overcome the spiritual and physical obstacles of being blind and how other religions view blindness.  These two specials are truly insightful and helpful to those who were wondering about the lives of blind people.  Yes, they are ordinary people and especially in Father Patrick Martin’s case, ordinary people with extraordinary lives.


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