Charlie Sheen’s Craziness Was Either From His Own Sin or Sent By God as a Sign.

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Today, a fantastic question came to me and I have asked God what His thoughts were on the subject.  His answer came to me in an unexpected way.  I asked Him what it takes to be real man or gentleman.  This is a very interesting question, because the answer varies in today’s society.  Some people may view it as how tough and muscular you are while others say it is about standing up for what is right and taking on responsibilities and taking care of others and others even believe it is determined by how much wealth you have.  God gave me an interesting example.  He used the TV show Two and a Half Men.  In the show, Charlie Sheen plays a rich swinger who lives on the beach and constantly sleeps with different women and drinks.  His younger brother, Alan, is a divorced guy who is more of a Beta male and is divorced and lost everything he had in that divorce.  He cannot attract women like Charlie and is often looked down upon by his brother and everyone else as being a sponge or parasite and a loser.  Women in the series love Charlie’s bad boy persona, but get frustrated with his lack of commitment.  In the series, Charlie is shown as a man’s man.  A guy who works as a musician by day earning a lot of money and sleeping with women and drinking by night.  Charlie has no shame or remorse for most of his actions.  Charlie is played by Charlie Sheen.  God is probably using him as an example as he was driven crazy by either God or his own sin.
By now, everyone knows about Charlie Sheen’s breakdown and leaving the show to do his live show, A Violent Torpedo of Truth.  In reality, Charlie Sheen lives as his character does in the show.  People think he is cool because of it.  However, God showed me that He is bringing craziness upon Charlie Sheen, because He is challenging this “bad boy” persona.  In other words, He is taming that tiger.  God reminded me about the story of how He drove King Nebuchednezzar II crazy when he forced the Hebrews to worship a golden idol (and even threw three of God’s messengers/servants into a burning furnace in which an angel of the Lord rescued them) and when God drove the Midianites (who conquered and oppressed the Israelites and forced them to worship their false god Baal) so crazy that they started killing each other allowing Gideon to win the battle by God’s Grace.  Both that king and the Midianites were proud and completely rebelled against God even to the point of hurting His people and even challenging Him directly.  These people would probably have been considered cool for their rebellious personas, but God showed them that He is King and will NOT tolerate rebellion against Him.  In the same way they are being driven to madness, so is Charlie Sheen being driven to madness, but most people are blind as to it’s cause, but are rather interested in him as a character and a celebrity.  In a sense, Charlie Sheen’s condition foreshadows the future condition of this whole world as it will be driven into madness (probably by God or its own sin), because of it’s rebellion against God.
So, what does it take to be a real man or gentleman?  In the first paragraph, the part about taking on responsibilities and caring for others is partially correct in God’s Eyes.  A real man or gentleman must first be submitted to, repent to, rely on, and serve God first.  Then, he must serve others and then himself last.  The same goes for women as well.  Anyone who can closely emulate Jesus Christ the best way they possibly can through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit is seen as a real man/gentleman and woman/lady in God’s Eyes.  Jesus Christ is a real man/gentleman and most of all He is the Savior of mankind and the Son of God.
King Nebuchadnezzar II as a powerful king:
Nebuchadnezzar II after God drove him crazy:
The first picture was from this website:
The second picture was from this website:
Here is a link to the story of Nebuchadnezzar II being made crazy by God:
And in the King James Version:
Here are three links to the story of Gideon and his battle with the Midianites:
Here they are in the King James Version:

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