Elfen Lied and the Horrors of Transhumanism.

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As many of you have noticed from my recent articles, I am a fan of anime.  I wouldn’t say a huge fan, because I would only watch a select few and then watch a couple episodes from the rest.  However, there are a few anime shows that are not my cup of tea.  Some of them are Bleach (if you’re a fan, I apologize, but the story just does not hold my interest as much as Naruto or Dragon Ball Z), Death Note (even though it is extremely well written and produced), Sailor Moon (my friend asked me to watch an episode and it just wasn’t for me), and now Elfen Lied (TOO MUCH GORE!!!!).  This anime, Elfen Lied, was too gruesome even for me to watch.  It can best be described as a cross between Friday the 13th and Carrie.  The anime was created by Lynn Okamoto and I have only seen half of the first episode, because the gore was too much for me to handle.  However, I was able to gather more information about the show online.

The story centers around a girl named Lucy who has two horns on her head and the power of telekinesis.  She is supposed to be an evolved human being (I think it is called a Diclonyus) or a mutation of sorts.  She was experimented on in a government facility.  Throughout the series, she mercilessly kills other people out of revenge for what they did to her.  Now, some people may have pity on a character like this, but there is a major problem.  This creature possesses no self-control whatsoever.  In her childhood, she seemed to have been raised in an orphanage and even then had managed to kill (it is unclear whether intentionally or not) a handful of people with her powers.

Now, in terms of the world today, some might excuse this as being a genetic quirk, but if you are a Christian who has studied Genesis 6 extensively, you would know what these horns, telekinesis, and lack of self control stems from.  If you also read the book of Enoch and have read various material about this subject from Tom Horn or Steve Quayle, then you would know that Lucy could in fact have a parent who is human (usually a mother) and another parent who is a fallen or demonic angel (usually a father).  In the story, Lucy’s parents are never mentioned, so it is unclear who gave her birth.  The horns on her head are a dead giveaway in my opinion and in fact, there are stories in people in ancient times having horns who are not considered fully human.

In this government base where Lucy was mercilessly experimented on there are other Dyclonii being experimented on.  She eventually escapes, but not without killing many military soldiers and even an innocent girl during her rampage before being shot in the head.  She survives, but then goes into an infantile state.  Even though what the scientists and military did to her  was awful, Lucy can still revert back to her form and uses her powers to kill those sent after her.  Some might believe that poor Lucy escaped the terrible base so she can be free.  However, this assumption about Lucy being a victim of geneticsin the eyes of Genesis chapter 6 is completely mistaken.

Genesis chapter 6 can be seen if you go to this link:


Here is the King James Version:


In this chapter, God specifically states to Moses (who is believed to have written Genesis) that a long time ago, fallen angels who rebelled against God came down to the Earth and mated with human women.  They taught these women many things from how to make war to magic.  The wives of these fallen angels became known as witches.  These women eventually gave birth to human hybrids known as the Nephilim.  These Nephilim were mostly giants (some ranging from nine to 30 ft tall) and usually had six fingers and six toes.  Their skeletal remains, by the way have been found, but are taken away by various military organizations to government facilities for genetic testing and cloning (Steve Quayle can explain more about this).  They learned war, magic, and other evil and forbidden arts from their fathers.  Some were very intelligent, but others were primitive and slaves to their own instinctive desires.  Some demanded human or even child sacrifice and others were cannibals though.  In other words, most of them had an enormous blood lust.  These Nephilim also promoted the corruption of mankind to serve themselves rather than to serve God.  Man was already sinful even before the arrival of these Nephilim, but were now almost completely wicked due to their influence.

God saw that man was no longer a spiritual being living for spiritual things, but now a totally flesh or desire driven creature just like the Nephilim.  God had meant for man to be spiritually connected to, serve, love, and trust Him as He would always love and protect His precious creation, mankind.  When God created man, he breathed life into him and did the same with the woman.  In a sense, we had a small portion of God’s Spirit running through our bodies just as blood runs through our vains.  This spiritual energy can be sometimes referred to as ki or chi.  However, these Nephilim and their fathers declared themselves to be ancient gods and demi-gods, causing mankind to worship them rather than the True Creator, God.

So, how does all of this relate to the story of Elfen Lied?  If you research the works of various people who cover this subject, you get a sense that the Nephilim and their fathers began to “experiment” by combining the different DNA of humans and other animals.  By watering down mankind’s DNA, it was getting harder for man to connect or even retain his spirit God had given him and even his spiritual connection with God.  Thus God says in Genesis 6: 3, “Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with (or remain in) humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.””   After the Lord said this, he told Noah (who is Enoch’s descendent) to build an arc so he and his family will live since they were righteous in the Eyes of the Lord.

This “experimentation” would continue today in the form of genetic modification for human advancement or transhumanism.  This is a real philosophy being sold to the world today and is at the core of the Singularity Movement.  I remember I attended TriBeca Film Festival and I saw the film Transcendent Man.  Even though it did not win, the director was there along with the subject of the film, Ray Kurzweil.  After the film, I asked Mr. Kurzweil about the possibility of these human modification technologies ending up in the wrong hands.  He gave a basic “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it” kind of an answer.  I was not left with much confidence in the practicality of this transhumanist philosophy after that question.

Now, the story may not acknowledge this explanation of Lucy’s powers and I highly doubt that the creator is a government conspirator or Christian seeing as less than one percent of Japanese are Christian (this statistic may have changed).  It seems the creator embraces the theory of evolution and how humans have wrongfully tampered with it and/or other humans.  However, this show serves as an example of the importance of this Biblical explanation.  It is necessary to understand this, because these types of “experiments” are going on in so-called alien abductions and in black budget programs in underground military bases.  I know, it sounds like I forgot to take my schizophrenia pill today, but please at least consider this Biblical account and use Lucy from Elfen Lied as an example of what could happen if these nightmarish experiments are real and allowed to continue.  Remember, repent, turn from sin, pray earnestly to God, read His Word the Bible everyday, and truly seek a living and active relationship with Jesus Christ.  Then, when you call on the name of the Lord Jesus christ of Nazareth, He will give you Authority to cast those monsters out of this world by the Power of His Holy Spirit through the Saving Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Here are some links to help you research this topic for yourself:





For more information about the difference between living for the flesh or desires and living spiritually with God, here are a few links:



Please let me know what you think.  May God, His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and His Holy Spirit watch over everyone on this planet through the Power of His Love and His Grace.  Amen.


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