What’s In A Hero?: The Quiet Strength of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Hello Everyone,

Who was your hero as a kid?  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman?  In any culture you find there are stories of great heroes.  Heroes are people who perform magnificent feats in order to save the lives of those in danger while putting their own lives at risk.  People revere and honor them for their courage, benevolence, inner strength, and astounding acts of heroism.  Heroes can take any form, shape, size, and color.   But who is the greatest hero of all time?  This question can spark as many answers as there are varieties of flowers.

Growing up, I was always fascinated by heroes, especially superheroes and most of the shows I used to watch as a kid were focused on superheroes such as Goku, Superman, Samurai Jack, etc…  I always held these figures in high regard, because they possessed something I had rarely possessed throughout my life;  bravery.  I always fantasized about being a courageous hero like these men, but I would cower away in fear most of the time.  I used to be afraid of everything from riding a bicycle to even thunder and lightening.  As a child, I would skylark in class about superheroes such as Johnny Quest or Space Ghost.  I always wanted to be like a superhero.  They did the most good wherever they went, always got the beautiful girl, and ah yes, they possessed superhuman qualities or powers.

Superheroes for me, however, represented another quality I looked to gain growing up; true manhood.  These superheroes truly represented what it meant to be a man.  They took upon themselves the well being of others and would give their lives to protect others.  These shows would usually end happily where the heroes become the saviors of the people.  Recently, I began to think about Jesus’ role as a hero and Savior to the world and one question seemed to arise.  With heroes like the ones in these shows, why do they need a Savior like Jesus Christ?  Could Jesus be counted among these great heroes or is He above and even separate from them?

The truth is in the latter part of the second question.  Jesus Christ makes it clear throughout the New Testament that He is more than just a hero.  He is THE MESSIAH and THE SON OF GOD and He has spiritual authority handed down to Him from His Father.  This means that Jesus possesses far greater power than these superheroes do.  However, Jesus does not go around exalting Himself.  Rather, Jesus prefers to let His Message speak for Itself through the Power and Authority of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord, however, gave me wonderful links that could provide some insight into the Quiet Strength of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in stark contrast to the bold chested heroism of ancient and modern day heroes and superheroes.  God gave me the example or parallel rather of the last temptation of Christ.  Many people think it just about power, but what some may not realize is that Satan was offering Jesus all the power of this physical world.  He was tempting Jesus to become like these heroes and to use His Awesome Powers to take down and conquer his enemies and rule the world through His own might.  There was only one cost, Jesus had to bow down before Satan and worship him as God.  Jesus, however, blatantly refused stating that His Father was the One True God.  This last temptation, however, could also be seen as a distraction to the Purpose God had for His Son.  Jesus, through the Grace of His Father and the Holy Spirit, refused to let anything stop Him from fulfilling God’s Will.
These superheroes, however, are men and women of the world.  They fight for the things of this world and carry out their own interpretation of (mostly America’s) truth and justice.  They love the world more than they love God.  They reflect this aspect all human beings share.  This is what the ancient Greeks (and essentially most other civilizations) did with their gods and goddesses.  They ascribed to them human characteristics in order to relate to them.
Jesus, however, was the exact opposite.  He commanded us to ascribe to be like God in our attitudes and behavior.  Here is a link to a site that talks about a comic book, portraying Jesus as a superhero and it is number 4 on his list:
Here is a picture someone drew illustrating this last temptation of Christ:
I also began to think about how this relates to this blog and the Lord pointed me in the direction of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.  He led me to this documentary and showed me this wonderful act of heroism:
While these acts of heroism are great, without Jesus, we can do nothing and must realize that true heroism lies in serving God  first, others second, and ourselves last.  Please let me know what you think.

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