The New World Order War Machine: The Red Ribbon Army is Here.

Back in the seventies, there was an animation that was created in Japan that would become a world wide success.  This animation goes by the name of DragonBall and it was created by Akira Toriyama.  The protagonist of the series is a seven year old boy named Son Goku.  He is a very strong and nearly indestructible alien child with a super extendable fighting stick he calls a power pole and a monkey tale.  The story seems to be based off the Buddhist text, Journey to the West.  Goku strongly parallels the character of Son Wukong in the text.  In one part of the series, Goku (being about 7 years old) has to defeat the Red Ribbon Army.  A military organization (resembling the Nazis) whose leader is bent on finding seven magical orbs known as Dragon Balls to summon the dragon Shenron to grant him his wish of ruling the world.  In the end, Goku defeats this organization and becomes one of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Recently, I was thinking about how the United States has hired mercenary organizations such as Blackwater to aid in their wars in the Middle East and in other parts of the world including our own country.  These mercenary organizations act as their own private armies for hire.  They have been accused of treacherous deeds and have even been indicted on some of them.  I remember this story that appeared on Infowars where the American Police Force (APF), a privately owned police force was enforcing the law in Montana.  Alex Jones along with Steve Quayle reported the unconstitutional nature of having a private police force enforce the laws anywhere in the United States.  There is another story of this occurring in Salt Lake Valley, Utah.  If the government keeps passing their unfair laws, these privately owned police forces will act as their strong arm and use merciless force to oppress you.   Here are the links to both stories:

This seems that this uniting of armies and police forces will eventually give way to forming a one world army, which will oppress its dissidents just like the Red Ribbon Army did in this show.  Unfortunately, there is no Goku riding on a magical cloud coming to save the day.  I know making a comparison between a one world army and a group of cartoon villains may seem childish, but people seem to understand animations better rather than just the plain facts.  Some people just need a visual aid.  However, there is hope and power in the blood of Jesus Christ.  Jesus (who will descend on a cloud) will put an end to this evil on the Earth and will Judge all mankind.  Our hope rests in Him.

Here are a few links about the Red Ribbon Army and how Goku took them down (Both of them are animated music videos or AMVs): (Goku may have been our childhood hero, but Jesus Christ is the greatest hero ever).

What’s the difference?




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