In My Darkest Hour.

In life, everyone faces his or her “darkest hour” when a situation arises that is so great, there seems to be no way out of it. There’s so much pressure going on during this time whether it is losing one’s job or home, getting divorced, or even facing a deadly illness.  In films and television shows, a hero encounters his or her darkest hour when they confront the villain or villains of the story at its climax.  At this point, the hero seems to be losing to the villain and his or her situation seems hopeless.  Sometimes a situation can seem so hopeless, that giving up seems like the only answer.

However, there is hope!  When Jesus went to the cross, He gave everyone a chance to restore his or her broken relationship with God.  To have a relationship with God, there must be trust.  Asking God for help is not indecent nor is it a crime.  God wants mankind to ask Him for help and by doing so they will learn to trust in Him.  In everyone’s lives, their trust falters many times when it comes to God.  They find themselves praising God one minute and the next thing you know, an obstacle arises and they start getting impatient with God.

Even Jesus had His “darkest hour” when felt the pressure of His mission on Earth. He even asked God to take “this cup from Him”(Luke 22:42).  However, He ended His prayer hopefully by asking God, “Yet not my will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42). Even in His darkest hour, Jesus still trusted God enough to go to the cross for mankind’s sins.   This verse in John reminds everyone that even in their “darkest hour”, God will always be with them.


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