The Second Great Depression.

Hello Everyone,

You know, as a college student, I (like so many other students out there) am very concerned about my future.  No, it is not the test I did not study for or the project I waited until last minute to complete.  It is my financial future I am concerned about.  I keep hearing how the economy is doing so well and that things seem like their going to pick up.  But then, I read articles such as the one below and I begin to wonder whether we are being told the truth:

One question.  Why the hell do I go to school and work to bust my, pardon the language, ass just to be told that there might not be any jobs out there for me?!  We were told since elementary school that if you went to college and got a degree, even a bachelor’s degree, you have a better chance at having a career.  However, life teaches you that it is also necessary to have some previous work experience before you get started in a career.  I am learning this right now.  It seems that this country is heading for another Great Depression and one indicator is the massive number of unemployed and they may even be higher, because there are people who have used up their unemployment and are therefore not reported as being unemployed.

This nation is trillions of dollar in debt to China and nobody seems concerned about this.  I have nothing against the Chinese people, but the idea of being indebted to another nation raises so many worries and concerns with me.  I think it is time for some very much needed and heavy self searching as individuals to see that the future ahead of us will be very rough.  However, there is hope.  Upon looking back at the Book of Revelation the other day, I realized that it is more important to wait for God to fully establish His Kingdom here on Earth than to put out faith in the New World Order.  Please see my next blog for more clarity on this subject.  Thank you for reading this post and this blog and I will be praying more intensely and seriously from now on.


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