Missile Off the Coast of California.

Hello everyone,

I know this is an old story, but after hearing the lack of an investigation by the mainstream media into this story, I have to give an opinion on this subject.  I have given them ample time to conduct one out of mercy, but I see that they are never going to do this.  So, here is my opinion on what happened off the California coast.  I believe that object was a MISSILE!  I know there are stories out there and some by credible military personnel claiming that this object was a missile.  I have two reasons for feeling this way.  If you disagree, then I ask you to politely do so.  It is incredible how people get so worked up about everything when they could intelligently and calmly do so.

My first reason is the path of the missile.  Every missile and, for that matter, every  projectile travels in the shape of a parabola.  When I see the video of the missile, I honestly believe that this object was traveling in the shape of a parabola.  Here is a link to a website that explains parabolas.  Please remember I am not a mathematician, so if any of you are, please correct me if this wrong.  Here is a link to the website:


The object seemed to begin to arch at the end of the video, therefore it couldn’t be a plane, because (I am guessing here) a plane’s arch would be more apparent much later in its trip.  Therefore, the arch of the object appeared too soon if it was at the end of the tape.  This means it was not going very far.

My second reason is the exhaust emanating out of the end of the object.  I know there might be other military planes with exhaust coming out at the back end of the plane, however, when I saw the video, the object seemed more like rocket or rather missile exhaust coming out of the end of the object.  Most mainstream media sources are saying that it was contrails, but (please let me know if this is incorrect) contrails are supposed to be much thinner.  I live near an airport and the contrails I see given off by planes are thin.  Here is an article from the ABC News website and you can see the video for yourself:


Remember, this is just my opinion and to me, it looks like a missile.  There has been some speculation that this is an ICBM missile fired from a Chinese submarine.  I still   need to verify this information, but this information might not be too far off, seeing as China holds most of our debt and it seems that this economy is collapsing and it will most likely take the economy of the rest of the world with it.  If you want more information on this story, then I suggest you listen to the Alex Jones Show, Steve Quayle, or Hawk on Shatter on the Darkness radio network.

This is a warning for us to think about our current economic practices and to for us to look within ourselves and get right with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  I have been trying to do this for a long time now and this journey is not easy, but the trip is well worth it in the end.


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