Their Time Has Come.

New World Order.  Those three words are meaningless to some, but frightening to those who have followed and researched about the ambitious goal of the elite class.  It would be easier to explain what the elite class is.  Society, especially Western society, is structured in terms of class.  At the bottom is the poor class (lower (includes homeless), mid, and upper), then comes the middle class (lower, mid, and upper), the upper class (lower, mid, and upper).  To most people, the uppermost level of the upper class is the highest class in any society.  However, there is a class higher than that.  It has been around for many centuries (some might even argue for thousands years).  This class has done its best to remain anonymous for years, but there are those who have exposed these people for who they are.  If you have ever listened to radio shows by Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, Russ Dizdar, Hawk, etc…, then you know what I am talking about.  If not, then please bear with this layman’s term explanation of what the New World Order is and who the elites are in terms of their social and global standing.

Some believe that the members of the elite class are also called the Illuminati or Enlightened Ones.  They started out as aristocratic families who believed heavily in feudalism.  They believed that they are almost like gods among men.  Some believe that they could also be descendants of those Nephilim beings mentioned in Genesis Chapter 6 of the Bible.  Genesis Chapter 6 talks about the Sons of God (angels) mating with human women.  These women learned magic from these beings and became known as witches.  These women gave birth to a race of giants.  Some might not even be so gigantic, but these children become renown as men of old or heroes.

Anyways, the elite class is a group of controlling aristocrats who want to rule the world.  There have been many leaders throughout history who wanted to rule the world, but this group of people have come very close and now, may be on the brink of succeeding.  These families have funded countless wars, economic depressions, caused many natural disasters, and fomented many uprisings in order to achieve their rule over this world.  Their new rule will be known as the New World Order.  In this society, the elites will be able to control most aspects of human lives by convincing them that without the Elite, people would go back (or even go extinct from) the wars and struggles mankind previously faced, even though most of it was accelerated by the Elites.  However, their worst plan is still to come.  They must de-populate the Earth of most of its inhabitants to reduce the number of people who might rebel against them.  This is why they should be peacefully protested against now.  They use our politicians, our religious leaders, and even our children to bring about their goal.

There is a solution, however.  As many Alex Jones fans know, his slogan has become “The answer to 1984 is 1776.”  However, I disagree with that statement.  In my view, and keep in mind this is my view only, the answer to 1984 is 30 A.D. when Christ is believed to have died and rose again.  They are trying to bring this country down by any means necessary.  I honestly believe that Jesus is the only One who can stop them, because I have read in the Book of Revelation that He will defeat their champion, the Antichrist, who is Satan in human form.  They also seem to possess very powerful weapons in their arsenal.  Weapons such as HAARP (which can be used to manipulate the climate),  BlueBeam, or maybe even the Large Collider  need further investigation.

This sounds crazy, but think about it for a few minutes.  Is it really so far fetched to believe those in power (whether Democrat or Republican) do not have our best interests at heart?  There is something interesting I learned about the New World Order this week and that is that they are a reflection of the darkest nature within everyone.  Jesus said that no one is righteous, not one and He is right.  We (including myself) have gone off the narrow path so many times, we can barely see it in the distance, but it is still there.  Jesus is waiting to show us this path and to have you put you faith in Him.  I am not endorsing any particular church or sect of Christianity, but I am basically stating my point of view on this subject of the New World Order.  Right now, we need to be doing more introspecting, praying, researching, and most importantly, loving God first, others second, and ourselves last.  I am going to try my best to heed this advice and I pray we all succeed.  Remember, it is not how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up.  Spiritually, it is not about how many battles you lose, but who you will rely on to give you victory in the spiritual war itself.  In my experience, it has always been Jesus Yeshua Immanuel Christ of Nazareth.


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