Almost Like Looking Through a Window.

Hello everyone, it has been a little while since I posted something up on my blog, but I would like to talk about something one of my friends said in my history of film class almost four years ago.  The professor had asked us what movies mean to us.  This question was not so hard for me to answer, because I have always viewed movies as a type of art.  Movies can be used to express one’s feelings or desires and it can also serve as a social commentary on the filmmaker’s religious, social, or political environment.  However, my friend from China eloborated on what I had said and told the class that when he is watching a movie, it is like looking through window or a mirror.  He can see the filmmaker in a clearer light.  He can see his feelings, goals, or desires.  Also, in the same way, when I watch a movie, I can see and understand the message the filmmaker is trying to get to me.  Much in the same way, God tries to reach His people by using the Bible as a window into His thoughts, lessons, and emotions.  Let the Bible be your window to receive Jesus’ message of love.


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