Here a few dreams I had recently that are very significant to me:

Here, I dreamed Satan tried to tempt me:

So, my dream starts off with me hitch hiking along a desert road.  I am walking alongside the road.  Then, a red tow truck with a bit of black and yellow comes out of nowhere and pulls over to let me in.  I get in and see the driver is a handsome young man (looks almost as good as Brad Pitt) probably in his early thirties with blonde hair, blue eyes, caucasian, and with a grease smear on his cheek. He smiles and greets me.  We talk for a while and he seems to be a very nice man even to the point where I say to myself “That is a really cool guy.”  Right after I say that to myself, then he says with a smile “Why don’t you bow down and worship satan?”  And I instantly become fearful.  I nearly went for the door handle to jump out of the truck.  He then starts telling me how great and misunderstood satan is and is still smiling.  At this point, I had it and pointed at his face and said firmly “No, I only worship Jesus Christ” and the dream ended as soon  as I said this.

I saw Jesus Christ in this dream:

The dream starts with beautiful surroundings.  There are lush green trees everywhere. Even the grass of the field I am standing is a luscious green.  There is a river of crystal clear water running behind me from a house made of light gray cobblestones with a giant wooden water wheel next to it.  The sky seems to be blue with no clouds in sight.  Suddenly, I see three wise men coming into the field bearing the three gifts they brought to Jesus: Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh.  Then I saw a little Middle Eastern looking boy (probably about seven years old) running up to the three wise men.  He had pretty dark brown skin and jet black short hair.  He was dressed in sack cloth and wore not only a smile, but on his head was a crown made of what appeared to be red adobe clay that was in the shape of a lillipad with a star map underneath the crown.  The boy ran over to the wise men laughing.  The three wise men bowed before the boy and presented their gifts to him.  The boy crouched down by what I believed to be the myrrh and put his hands over it.  Instantly, a small fountain of water shot out of it. The wise men and myself were in amazement. Then, the boy ran away laughing towards the house.  This is when the dream ended.  I believe that little boy was Jesus Christ.

This is another dream that had Satan though:

I saw Satan again, but this time, he was far more ferocious than the last dream.  I dreamt I was in a hotel lobby.  There were mostly caucasian employees especially a male with blond hair and they were all wearing khaki pants and red polo shirts.  Suddenly, I saw a shadow overtake the  lobby, then I was in a garage when I saw a couple of people hiding or hanging out there.  Then, the workers from the hotel appeared  and their eyes were red and they began killing the people in the dark garage.  The people were screaming for help, then the same shadow overtook the garage and I saw one gentleman look behind me and he begged the shadow to spare his life and then fell to his knees and called the shadow “Master”.  Then I turned around and saw a black hooded figure.  Then, I realized that he was Satan and I pointed my finger at him and said “I command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.”  He then laughed and I realized it had little effect on him though.  During this time, the sky was dark gray, it was pouring rain, and it was extremely windy.  Also, there was a row of golden alarm clocks all going off simultaneously  on the lawn where lights would normally be.  I began to fold my hands and I bowed my head and started praying to God.  Then I heard that figure say “God does not hear your fake prayers.”  However, there was a little voice in my head telling to reach deeper within myself and to continue praying.  Then, the dream ended.
I hope my dreams can reach out to people who also feel they might have had dreams given to them by the Lord.

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