A New Miracle.

Hello everyone,

Three days ago, I experienced a wonderful miracle from our Lord, but it was during a tragic event.  In my neighborhood, most of our houses are joined together.  Last night, I decided to stay up late and watch the lunar eclipse (another sign from God that the end is near).  So, I did not go to bed until 4:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.  I did not have anything to do Tuesday, so I decided to sleep in.  Tuesday morning, however, at about 10:30 a.m., I was suddenly awakened by an extreme pounding and bell ringing on my door.  At first I thought, “This is one desperate delivery man.”  However, when the pounding and bell ringing continued, I knew it was an emergency.  I got out of bed and answered the door.  There was a policewoman and my neighbor telling me to leave my apartment, because the house next to me was on fire.  To be honest, I couldn’t smell the smoke, because I had my breathing machine on.  I got an extra change of clothes, my coat, and the phone and I ran outside.  I saw my neighbor’s house being swarmed with fire fighters.  They had to break all of his windows and the debris from his house (mainly his bedroom) went into part of our backyard.  My neighbors and their pet were able to escape safely.  I am not sure if they had any other pets or whether they escaped.  Thank God I was still wearing my thermals under my pajamas from the night before when I went to a Christmas Party.  I was cold, but I felt sorry for my neighbors.  They stayed next door with my other neighbor and was being hounded by insurance salespeople for most of the day.  My basement was almost filled with smoke and I had to go through with a fireman to help him get into our backyard.  By God’s Grace, our apartment was unharmed with only a little bit of smoke.  It was by God’s Grace we all made it out alive with no major injuries.  After the fire was put out, my neighbors went in front of their house with a couple of Red Cross workers.  Then, they went back to my other neighbor’s apartment.  I walked one of my neighbors back to the apartment and she told me how kind I was.  I told her that it was by God’s Grace that no one was killed or injured.  They were both in shock.  Later, when my father and I had cleared some of the debris in our backyard, an arm bracelet with my neighbor’s  name fell out along with some of his or her jewelry.  Thank God nothing happened to my apartment as my family and I live right next door to him.  Then, I prayed for them and thanked God for His Grace.  I realized I forgot to remove my grandmother’s ashes from inside my apartment.  I learned yesterday to try and go to bed earlier and my mother is going to take all our valuable paperwork and belongings and put them into a bank vault.  Please pray for my neighbors and thank God for all of HIs Wonderful Mercy.
Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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