Hello everyone,

Has anyone ever experienced a miracle?  You might have experienced a major miracle in your lives (i.e. being cured of a major ailment or survived a natural disaster) or maybe a small miracle (finding something you needed and had misplaced or meeting up with an old friend).  Either way, I believe we have all experienced miracles in our lives at one point or another.  Last week, I experienced a major miracle.  I am currently working on my thesis for grad school and I had to form a panel last minute, but I could not find anyone available to do it before winter break.  I was feeling depressed, because I had worked very hard on it all semester and I needed to get into the second part of it next semester.  However, things did not seem to be going that way.  Instead, I thought I would have to stay another semester.  I went into work feeling depressed and I began questioning whether I wanted to stay in the program or not.  Then, I talked to my co-worker who was also in the program and he said that he was having his panel meeting that afternoon.  So, I decided to go after work to see how he did and to meet some of the professors to ask them to be on my panel in January (the Winter Break) before next semester.  When I got to the lobby of the building, I was very nervous and I saw my bus to get home leaving, which meant I would be home an hour late and it takes me two hours to get to work and home each way.  I began to feel depressed again and I questioned if this was the right move to make.  I prayed to God, then I received a text message.  I opened the text message and saw it was from my friend, Hope (no joke, that is his real name) and it read:

When trials arise call on Jesus.  He is our Help in times of trouble!

When I read this, I bowed my head and prayed out loud to God for help.  Immediately, I was filled with enough courage to go upstairs and meet my professors.  When I went up, my advisor was already there telling the professors about my project.  I talked to my professors and one of them said he would be honored to on my panel.  My friend had gotten through his meeting and is going on to the next part next semester.  Even though I have an NR (not recorded) as my grade, it is only temporary and after my winter break meeting, I know God will allow me to enter into the next part.  In an e-mail following this, another professor said he would see about January and said he had more time then.  Earlier that day, I talked with another professor who said he would be honored to do it.  Before this, my supervisor at work said, “God takes care of His children” and he was absolutely correct.  God takes care of His children.  Each and every one of us on this planet.  I got a ride home from my friend this night and I got home on time.  I realize now my film serves God’s purpose for me and I realize now I not only should tell the story.  It is my responsibility to tell the story and I will tell it with all my heart, soul, body, and mind.  Thank you reading this blog and may God bring you a miracle, whether great or small, in your time of need.


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