One Question About Evolution.

Since I was in grade school, I learned about evolution.  However, having been to private Lutheran schools, I also learned theology as well.  I wondered why the Bible and science conflicted so much.  Today, I am still wondering about this.  I always believed science and religion can work together to find the answers to our physical world and environment.  Today, this is not the case.  There are those who want science to supersede religion and vice versa. 

One issue where science and religion diverge paths is the theory of evolution.  Many accept the theory of evolution as a fact.  Others do not.  However, I recently came up with a question about the theory of evolution.  Keep in mind that I have not studied the theory of evolution in great detail nor have I read the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. 

In grade school, I also learned about the Scientific Method, the process by which a hypothesis becomes a theory.  I also learned that even if that hypothesis successfully becomes a theory, that still does not make it a fact or a law and more testing needs to be done (thereby repeating the Scientific Method again).  This leads into my question about the theory of evolution.  If evolution is a fact, then why is it called the theory of evolution rather than the law of evolution? 

In the vast expanse of the world of physics, we see forces at work.  Some are even well known laws.  For example, Sir Isaac Newton’s law of gravity or the law of thermodynamics.  These laws are undisputed facts because of the enormous amount of research that went into them and perhaps by constantly putting them to the test through the Scientific Method. 

Could the same be said about the theory of evolution?  Why should it be considered a fact if it is only a theory and not a law such as gravity?  This doesn’t make any sense.  Think about it this way.  You ask someone to go to the store for you while you go to work.  The person agrees and when you return home you ask the person if they went.  They reply, ” I went to the store theoretically.”  You would probably say to yourself, “What does that mean?”  If they said, “Yes, I did go to the store and that is a fact,” then you would say, “O.K., it sounds like they did my favor.” 

This needs more discussion.


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