Religion and Politics: A Deadly Mix?

“Gentlemen, I tell you, Krypton is doomed!”  These were the words of a middle aged scientist on a planet called Krypton.  His name is Jor-El and as you can see, he is foretelling his planet’s fate.  Yes, he is the father of Superman.  In the first movie of Superman with Christopher Reeve, Clark is in his Fortress of Solitude and Jor-El warns him against vanity as it is the cause of destruction for so many nations including Krypton. 

 Some people feel religion and politics do not mix together.  I disagree.  First it would be helpful to get something straight right here and now.  I have heard discussions on this topic and those who favor keeping religion out of politics have this stereotype of all religious people being fanatical.  This is not true at all!  In fact, religious fanaticism is only part of a much more enormous problem: fanaticism itself.  Think of fanaticism as being a virus that invades the entire body.  Now think of religion as being the right arm of that body.  Your right arm has been infected with that virus, so you say, “If I amputate my right arm, I can be cured.”  However, this is pure nonsense.  Not only would you lose your right arm, but the rest of your body is still infected with the virus.  In the same way, if you did manage to get rid of religion, there would still be other forms of fanaticism to deal with such as political fanaticism.  What would you do then?  Get rid of politics as well? 

It is not wrong to hold to religious values in one’s leadership.  It is wrong to forceably impose them on those you lead.  God already gave you a gift of leadership so that your religious beliefs may shine as a light shines from a lamp. 

Fanaticism is a dangerous force that must be dealt with, but fighting it head on is not the answer.  We must reflect on where fanaticism stems from.  Like all other sins, it stems from pride.  Pride is a metaphysical force and cannot be dealt with in a physical manner.  Therefore, religion is needed in our society to give us the metaphysical edge against these metaphysical forces in our society. 

Please, let us not become another Krypton and start opening our hearts today.


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