Why are the Seven Deadly Sins so Deadly?

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have not been on recently but I have been preparing to put up my script on my blog spot. Anyways, I recently remembered what I learned about the Seven Deadly Sins.  For those of you who are not familiar with them, they are:

1. Pride.

2. Lust.

3. Gluttony.

4. Greed.

5. Sloth.

6. Anger.

7. Envy. 

There is a usual myth that these seven deadly sins are separate but the most common.  However, this is only half true.  What some people do not realize is that the reason pride is the deadliest sin is because it spawns all the others.  Pride is total arrogance or love for one’s self.  This is the deadliest of all the other deadly sins, because it causes someone to put themselves above the wellbeing of others.  In a sense, pride creates a total ignorance of one’s surroundings.  So, it makes perfect sense to say that this sin is the root for all of the others.  What about gluttony?  How can that be a form of pride?  Well, think about it, if you try and consume more food than you can, not only is that wasteful, but that other food could have gone to the needy.  What about sloth, you ask?  As much as I personally love sloth, it is still a sin that is fueled by arrogance.   The virtuous thing to do would be to work hard and contribute to society.  However, people who suffer from the sin of sloth usually tell themselves that they do not want to do any hard work and that society can just go screw itself.  In other words, you are still putting yourself first before the needs of others. 

The other deadly sins appear obviously as forms of pride.  For example, greed is a form of pride, because you value material things in your possession higher than you value your neighbor.  Lust is also surprisingly a form of pride.  Now, everyone at some point has confused lust with love or think of lust as an act of love.  However, lust is the exact opposite of love.  Whereas love guarantees the freedom of both parties in the relationship, lust is the total domination or exploitation of one party over the other.  Lust is one of the hardest sins I am personally trying to overcome.  Being young (23 years old), it is very difficult for me to distinguish between lust and love.  Lust, however, is a form of pride, because one party (whether male or female) is exploiting the other party for pleasure and not accepting the mutual respect that comes from love.  The other deadly sin that stems from pride is anger.  Anger is a form of pride, because it causes all who feel it to wish harm on another person.  Finally, there is the deadly sin of envy.  Envy is also a form of pride, because it causes you to want what your neighbor has.  In other words, you feel a sense of entitlement to what your neighbor has because you feel you deserve it more than they do. 

As Jor-El was first speaking to  Clark in the first Superman movie via his Fortress of Solitude, he mentions that vanity was the true undoing of Krypton.  Pride can destroy someone from the inside out like a virus.  And, like a virus, it can bring a whole slew of other problems with it.  However, through the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we are spared the disaster that should befall us due to our selfishness.  Through Jesus Christ, we learn how to be humble before God and others.  We also learn what it means to truly love God first, others second, and ourselves last.  Only through the loving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can we ever hope to overcome the seven deadly sins.  May God Be with all of you always.

The 7 deadly sins

The 7 deadly sins


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