About The Tea Party Protests.

Hello everyone,

The tea parties were a hot subject a couple months ago.  The “liberal” mainstream media labeled the protestors with a derrogatory name.  Janine Garafolo called these protestors a bunch of racist rednecks.  However, while some of them may have been motivated by prejudice, it seemed that most of them were having an honest protest against higher taxes.  First of all, I do believe that some of the protestors were motivated out of prejudice, because they kept on referring to people on welfare as parasites.  While I do think that some people do milk the system.  I have had friends who lived in welfare communities when I was growing up and their families were far from lazy.  They were hard working, kind, and loving people.  Some of their families were very Christian and would attend church every Sunday.  However, even though their parents worked, they still needed the welfare money to aid in their living expenses.  Some parents probably did not have access to a quality education such having a degree or a high school diploma, but they made it work for their families.  Their children were my friends and I fondly remember laughing and playing with them on the bus.  At that time, I did not care who was on welfare or not.  It did not seem to matter.  All I cared about was spending time with them as my friends seeing as I have no siblings. 

However, thanks to people like Fox News and Newt Gingrich, the tea party protestors did come across as a bunch of racist rednecks.  They kept talking about not supporting the “losers” and “parasites” of society.  Little do they relaize that some of these “parasites” were my friends, my brothers and sisters.  I have read on the Internet that the real history of the modern day resurgence of the tea parties began with Ron Paul and the Libretarians to end the Federal Reserve, which is a private institution and not part of the government.  After Barack Obama was elected, the politicians like Gingrich must have used these protests to further his agenda.  The protestors, however, may not have been there because they all supported Gingrich, they seemed to have joined forces with the Libretarians to fight the Fed. 

The “liberal” media picked up on this and purposly looked for these racist signs and terms that Fox News and some of the protestors and politicians who attended the protest were using so that they can obtain proof that a majority of these protestors were racist.  Mainstream television stations such as MSNBC, Fox News, or CNN should not be allowed to attack everyday citizens who are having a peaceful protest.  The same goes for any protestor no matter what the cause, as long as the protest is conducted in a peaceful manner.  It seems the mainstream media derives a sick joy from “exposing” everyday people like you and me.  It almost reminds me of a book by the name of Farenheit 451, in which the main character, Guy Montag, becomes a fugitive from a book burning and tyrannical government.  At one point in the story, the government orchestrates a false arrest of Montag by arresting someone who looks like him.  The government controlled media praise the government for their swift action, even though they did not find Montag. 

It seemed the mainstream media did not want to delve further into the real reasons why these tea parties were started.  Maybe it was out of fear of the Fed or maybe it was to uphold this false ideological struggle between Republicans and Democrats.  Even though there seems to be a struggle for power going on between the two parties, they are probably still the best of friends outside of work.  Perhaps the tea parties provided an excellent opportunity for politicians and the mainstream media to further divide the public and turn them against one another.  Maybe one day, we, the sovereign people of this nation will join forces just as I did with my friends on a school bus and be able to laugh together.


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