World War III.

Hello everyone,

Last night, I viewed my third favorite film of all time, which is called Gojira.  It is the first black and white Godzilla film (the Japanese version without Raymond Burr) in the entire series.  While I was watching it, I couldn’t help but realize that this film portrayed the sadness, horror, and anger the director, Ishiro Honda, and probably his Japanese audience as well, must have felt after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  I also began to realize that Godzilla or Gojira in the film served as a symbol for either the U.S. or more specifically, nuclear arms. 

Today, however, there is a new and real Gojira.  It is the situation we face with North Korea.  If North Korea wishes to engage in nuclear conflict, this could mean a possible World War III.  Nuclear arms, from their very inception, are an abomination to this planet.  They destroy any chance for real trust between the different of the world.  But how can we stop such powerful weapons from being used?  By taking the moral high ground. 

In the film, Gojira, Gojira is eventually defeated by an invention called the oxygen destroyer created by a man named Dr. Serizawa.  Dr. Serizawa’s dilemma near the end of the film parallels that of Christ’s decision in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Do I let the government use my weapon against Gojira to save the world and let them use it as they see fit or do I not give my weapon to them and let Gojira continue to rampage across the Earth?  He came to a decision at the end of the film to activate the weapon underwater next to Gojira while it was sleeping and to sacrifice himself while destroying Gojira at the same time.  Christ did not have that same exact dilemma, but he was conflicted between leaving behind His purpose of being the sacrificial lamb or to stay alive.  Like Dr. Serizawa, He chose to offer Himself up as a sacrifice to save others.  In the end, both men knew the right thing to do, because they were able to love and sympathize with others. 

I am not saying that we need to perform a huge sacrifice like those men, but we should be able to love one another enough to see that these weapons serve us no purpose. We should have continued Einstein’s vision of using nuclear energy to improve the status of living all over the world.  And now we come to our own moral dilemma.  Do we risk weakening our defenses by getting rid of nuclear weapons or do we put the value of the lives of our brothers and sisters above our own selfish pursuit of power?  In the end, the decision is ours and it better be a good one.


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