Christianity and Atheism.

Greetings everyone,

I remember watching television and there was a debate between a group of Atheists and a group of Christians.  As I watched their debate, it felt as though something was missing.  Finally, I realized what was missing: depth.  Their debate seemed to lack depth.  I have had many intellectual debates at college between my atheist friends and myself (a Catholic).  Our debates would get very intense, not only with emotion, but also with the depth of the material we had learned in college.  However, our debates would end with both sides admitting that the debate that just took place was one of the deepest they ever had.  Was it just me or was our debate far more intellectual than those on television?  Does the mainstream media prevent us from reaching a certain depth in this long fought debate? 

Personally, I do believe in God the Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  However, I have never shoved my beliefs down other peoples’ throats.  We as Christians should serve as examples of Christ in our daily lives to inspire those who don’t believe to put their trust in God.  While this is a tall order, I feel it can be done.  I am still trying to live the way Christ would in my own life and let me tell you it has been no walk in the park.  There were many times where I doubted God, but He always seemed to help through any problem that I had faced. 

The journey or path a Christian must follow is a rough path, but the rewards for doing so outweigh the risks.  Trying to tell a non-believer about the joy of following Christ can be very difficult.  It is almost like Goku telling a human being how to transform into a Super-Saiyan.  There are many different arguments to this age old debate, but the deeper we search for God, the more likely we are to find Him.


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