The Rise of Third Parties?

Greetings everyone,

This is my first blog and I have so much to say.  However, I will start off with this topic, because it was a thought that occurred to me just recently.  While watching the mainstream news buffoons argue like little children amongst themselves, I noticed that one topic kept coming up about who will run against Obama in the 2012 elections.  By the way, didn’t we just have an election?  Anyways, Republicans are trying to find the ideal candidate to run against Obama.  Obama, however, should not be concerned with Republicans for next elections, because he is forgetting about the third parties. 

During the last election, the two major candidates that received the most attention were Barack Obama and John McCain.  However, there was another candidate running for the Green Party that seemed to receive little or no attention from the mainstream press.  Her name is Cynthia McKinney and it seemed that nobody really seemed to know about her campaign.  My point is that the press today just seems content with covering the two major corporately owned political parties.  Why are we, the sovereign people, settling for just two choices, when there are so many out there?!  We have Independents, Green Party members, and so many others. 

Fox News maybe waiting for the day when Obama falls and people come running back to the Republican party, but people could also join third parties.  Let us make this next election interesting by trying having Obama run not just against a Republican candidate, but a few from third parties.  Maybe Republican or Democratic candidates are not the correct ones for the White House.  Maybe it is time for a third man or woman to enter the ring and truly represent the will of the people once again.


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